Terms and Conditions

Blissful Chair Covers & Sashes

The goods are,  all items hired from the owner Blissful Chair Covers & Sashes to the hirer. Items should not be used for any other Purpose than the agreed hired terms. 
The items is for your personal use only. 
1. The hire agreements are between the hirer and the owner Blissful Chair Covers & Sashes. The hirer is the person who agreed to all the  terms and conditions, the person named on the  hire agreement.
2. All hired goods are the hirer's responsibility. Once Setup,  Until collection of the hired items.
3. The goods will remain the property of the owner throughout the hire period.
4. The venue is not responsible for the hired goods, unless the Venue is also the Hirer and named in the Agreement. It is the Hirer responsible to Inform the venue of all terms and conditions.

5.  The owner will not be held Responsible for any injuries cause, in the event of death or damage to any property caused by any hired goods. 
6. General soiling is acceptable. Examples of unacceptable damage, to goods beyond further use include ripping, tearing, burning, candle wax burns, permanent marker pens or crayons, mildew, foot print, damage or anything else which means the goods are unusable  and will be charged for.
7. Shortages and damages; Goods will be charged at full replacement value and will be  deducted from your Damage deposit. If the cost of the replacement goods be higher than the damage deposit then the owner Blissful Chair Covers & Sashes will invoice the hirer for the extra replacement costs. This must be paid within 30 days of the hirer being informed by the owner in writing. Blissful Chair Covers & Sashes will  not  accept any substitute items or repair. 
 All damaged goods will remain the property of the owner.
8. The hire have the right to Cancel the agreement, within 7 days, starting from the day the reservation was paid. A full refund of the reservation deposit will be refund. All  Cancellation requests will only be accepted in writing, please contact us. This will be effective from the date the letter is received. 

9. Cancellations  7 days after the hirer (you) has agreed to the hire agreement will result in loss of the  reservation deposit.
10. Blissful Chair Covers & Sashes requires a deposit of 30% of the  cost, upon confirmation of the order. Cleared funds are required in full for the remaining balance, three weeks prior to the event. A Refundable damage deposit of £25 is Required.
Please read the terms and condition. Do contact us, if you need further information.